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Fake vs REAL
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Fruta Planta is made of 100% natural products and do not contain any added stimulants. The Authentic Formula Fruta Planta has been known to help users’ shed unwanted fat and have very few known side effects. is the only only supplier of the capsules that are made using the original or Authentic Formula Fruta Planta pill. We consider all others to be imitation or duplicated product. We refer to those products as FAKE.

We want you to know:

We here at Fruta Planta, do not claim that the duplicated formula pills do not work. We want consumers to know that if you are NOT taking the Authentic Formula Fruta Planta you may be introducing a chemically enhanced product into your system.

Duplicate/imitation Fruta Planta capsules have been known to have different side effects from the Authentic Formula Fruta Planta and some FAKES may even contain a level IV controlled substance called sibutramine. Should you have to take a drug test you may test positive.

We promote healthy weight loss!

The reason that we here at Fruta Planta are trying to make sure that our consumers are knowledgeable on how to identify the REAL from the FAKE Fruta Planta, is because we promote healthy weight loss. We want our consumers to choose a safe and healthy weight loss program that will lead to permanent results. The only way to do that is to determine the personal risk and make an educated decision that is best for you.

When taking any supplemental product, natural or chemically enhanced you run the risk of experiencing side effects. Even an all natural product can react adversely to one person and not another. Example: Peanuts are all natural. Some people are deathly allergic to this 100% all natural fruit (legume). Peanuts are readily available in our society however; some of the ingredients taken from nature to make up the Authentic Formula Fruta Planta are NOT. For instance, Mangosteen is only grown in South Asia, Bitter Gourd and Papaya are tropical fruits. These ingredients are not commonly used in our society so consumers may not have ever been exposed to them and may have an unknown allergy.


Fruta Planta has NOT been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration however, since 1998 the pharmaceutical manufactures in China are legally obligated to adhere to the GMP (good manufacturing practices). The GMP is NOT a company, they are a regulatory agency that is recognized and implemented for the safety of consumers worldwide, in order to assure the products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards for export to other countries. Since we are the Authentic Formula Fruta Planta we have this proof to show our consumers. Click her to view certificate.

What to look for when identifying a FAKE

All box images should be clear and easy to read:

  • A: Product name spelled correctly.
    Manufactured seals, stickers and stamps– There are 4
  • B: Closure seal certificate sticker the top of the box.
  • C: Pink and gray lot manufacture sticker.
  • D: All the letters in the red “SGZW” circle are all visible and not covered by any other elements of the box.
  • E: Spanish silver embossed seal, found on both sides of box.
  • F: English instructions found inside the box has manufacture certified silver embossed seal sticker.
  • G: NEW INSTRUCTIONS -All instructions are properly translated in English and Spanish for our US clients to understand.
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170lb - 140lb in 6 Months
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