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Yes, Fruta Planta is for MEN too!
Not just for women.
Men can use Fruta Planta too!
Women aren’t the only people who fight the constant battle to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Men want to look good too! And we all know that the gym just isn’t always as convenient as we’d like it to be, and a perfect diet can take time and increase expenses substantially.

We at Fruta Planta know exactly how you feel. That’s why we’ve formulated this simple, all organic weight loss pill that can be used by ANYONE. Since all of the ingredients are all natural fruits and vegetables, they contain benefits that help men trim the excess fat as well.

Men’s Weight Loss

When taking any weight loss supplement if it has a way to cleanse your system and rid of all the toxins, it will help to increase the weight loss potential. Fruta Planta It can also benefit you faster than women; because the product targets the soft fatty tissue and men naturally have more muscle mass, when you lose the fat it will help to define your muscle and make you look more trim and lean. Fruta Planta is one of the few weigh loss supplements that use active ingredients full of anti-oxidants, folic acid, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, all of which are vital in maintaining a healthy body as a male.

Eat Less. Trim the Fat. Define Muscle. Live a happy healthy life!
Jessica, 28 - Arecibo, PR
170lb - 140lb in 6 Months
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